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Board of Directors

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Eileen Lodyga, Bev Curtis, Rich Lodyga,
Stephen Sturk, Manny Bojorquez, Catherine Stephany,
Daneen Psyz, Leslie Pumper, Sue Eberhardt, Laurie Jacobs,
Jo Crisp, Laurie Nesoff, Gina Connoy

San Clemente Choral Society Chorus


  • Patty Baughman
  • Sandy Bush
  • Carolee Colclaser
  • Toni Cox
  • Jo Crisp
  • Emma Curran
  • Sue Eberhardt
  • Marilyn Fitzgerald
  • Amy Gilbert
  • Lois Ginobbi
  • Ellen Hargus
  • Gerlind Kennedy
  • Barbara Kenton
  • Eileen Lodyga
  • Rita McPhail
  • Susan Metcalf
  • Jo Norris
  • Dody Olesen
  • Sherry Prondzinski
  • Judy Smith
  • Ginny Stephanian
  • Hilda Tomaszewski
  • Andrea Zullo

About Us

Members range in age from 18 to 80 and come from all walks of life. Some members have had a music career while others enjoy singing yet have never performed before an audience.


  • Diana Atkins
  • Dianne Bautista
  • Bonnie Beland
  • Bev Curtis
  • Kathy Gray
  • Marcia Jones
  • Alisa Kemnitz
  • Marianne Knapp
  • Carolyn Marasco
  • Kris McCord
  • Mary Miller
  • Vivian Nam
  • Laurie Nesoff
  • Leslie Pumper
  • Daneen Pysz
  • Waverly Reed
  • Catherine Stephany
  • Liz Zuercher

About Us

Attendance all rehearsals is important. Members must notify the Membership Chairman if they have to miss a rehearsal. Generally, there are two performances per year, each with a season of ten preparatory rehearsals. Absences should be limited to no more than three times during a rehearsal season. You must attend the last scheduled rehearsal and the dress rehearsal on the concert date.


  • Brian Boyce
  • Gina Connoy
  • Sabrina Ho
  • Molly Hutching
  • Laurie Jacobs
  • Theresa King
  • Garr Updegraff

About Us

Auditions are not required to join the group, but you should be able to hold a tune and be willing to commit to the time and effort needed to bring about a polished and professional performance of the repertoire.


  • Lew Avera
  • Tim Bardwell
  • Manny Bojorquez
  • Richard Easton
  • Charlie Heizman
  • Arnie Hershman
  • William Kumer
  • Richard Lodyga
  • Dave Prondzinski
  • John Tengdin

About Us

Membership Fee of $45 per member per concert is required to help cover the cost of SCCS activities. The fee may be waived as a scholarship for students or other qualifying members. Special payment plans may also be arranged. Please contact the Treasurer for details. In addition, the cost of music for each season is generally around $25 per member.

The San Clemente Choral Society was created to provide an educational setting in South Orange County for musicians and those who simply love to sing with a passion to study and enjoy choral music.  Our mixed voice chorus ranges in age from 18 to 80 with members from several South Orange County cities.


SCCS was founded in the fall of 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation designed specifically to promote choral music throughout South Orange County.  The San Clemente Choral Society is a 501(c)(3) organization (#68-0595100) and your donation, contribution, patronage or gift is tax deductable.  Since our inception we have provided singing opportunities for our members in concerts primarily in the cities of San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano.  Our members rehearse each week and perform in concerts bringing our audiences a rich variety of choral music ranging from classical to contemporary pieces performed with professional accompanists and soloists.

Something for Everyone!

Our members have opportunities to sing and perform in smaller groups as well.  Soloists from all four sections are featured at our concerts at various times.  If this interests you, please click below for some examples from a recent concert.

Solo and Ensemble Opportunities at SCCS

Wonderful Concerts Await You

If you haven't yet attended one of our public concerts...it is about time you remedied that. Choral Music is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and our audiences always tell us that they enjoy what they hear. Choral music just can help but bring a smile to you face and maybe make your pulse race.

Check out our season schedule and then mark you calendar. to attend.  If you just cant wait until our next scheduled performance ... then schedule your own private concert by visiting our video gallery.

Take a moment to look at our next season of performances and Concerts.  Attend one...and it won't be long before you attend them all.

Learn More About Our Concerts

If You Love To Sing...Sing With Us

The SCCS is all about sharing a rich variety of choral music with our audiences. From classical to contemporary pieces, there is always something for every taste. When you join the San Clemente Choral Society you join a group of individuals dedicated to acting as choral music ambassadors to our local community providing Orange County with a diverse, and joyful singing experience in every concert. We invite you to join us in an upcoming concert. if you like what you hear, join the chorus and start having fun on stage.

We hope that you will join the San Clemente Choral Society either in the Audience or on the Risers. Click Here to Learn More.

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